Gastronomic Village

Ban Laem Community

Nakhon Si Thammarat

Southern Thai cuisine is intense and full of exciting flavors, and when those who are masters in cooking it partner up with the seasoned fishermen of Tha Sala, it becomes a formula for an endless culinary adventure.

Mr. Chih – Hung Lin

Director and Chief Operating Officer KGI Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Gastronomic Village

Ban Nam Muab


Encircled by the Luang Pra Bang mountains, this tiny village is in fact the epicenter of eastern Lanna gastronomy. Here, unlike other places…

Gastronomic Village

Doi Wawee Community

Chiang Rai

nown for pickled tea since ancient Lanna’s Meng Rai dynasty, this area was long forgotten until the Chinese nationalist troops were discharged…

Gastronomic Village

Ban Mai Rut


Living where the lush evergreen forests of the Khao Banthat mountains meet the eastern shore…

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Gastronomic Village

Bang Kham River Community


This local river is a tributary of the larger Lopburi River and was once a lifeline of the ancient Lavo Kingdom…